Thursday, December 10, 2009

Percy Jackson and The Olypians The Lightning theif movie

i found out this was coming out i got exited. but it isn't any thing like the first book and it combines all the books together heres some pics.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

resident evil 4 xbox360 ps3?...

i found this floating around in siberspace. its resident evil 4 for the 360 and ps3. i personally love the resident evil series and this made me exited. i have it for gamecube but im getting a ps3 or a 360 soon and might trade in my gamcube version for the 360 version. i dont know, but it will be great for 360 and ps3 fans since resident evil is only for gamecube, ps2, and wii.
and emplaoye took some pictures one of these, the blurry one, is the one he took. by now its already out in the real cover. enjoy!

andy goldsworthy...

i found out about this artist called andy goldwothy, he is awsome, he builts things out of pure nature he scottish and i think lives in usa somewhere, hes and awsome guy. heres some great pics of things he built
also watch him build stuff in his documentaries, its interesting.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Time Traveling on Thanksgiving

2nd post! Yeah!
anyway. i went to colorado for thankgiving and realized something. i basically time travelled.
i left a transfere from ohio to colorado. we left a 8:00, but got to colorado at 6:00. weird huh?
on the way back we left at 10:00 and got home at 2:00. its a 2 hour differnce. ]
well this was a nerdish post, but whatever. 

Friday, November 20, 2009


i saw this movie recently, it is the best, funniest zombie movie i have ever seen! its about 2 guys ( a nerdy teenager and a zombie killing tenesian) trying to make it east. they find 2 girls and then get robbed several times. in the end, they all survive. i would rate this 5/5% wheres the tweenkies!?!? it is a great comedy. (not for the whole family) great movie!! go see it!!!

zombieland int trailer.jpg


The Beginning...

This is the beggining of the evilmastermind's blog!